Life in 3d

IMG_20141201_075250This is a card I received on my birthday in 2009 from a really good friend of mine.  People who know me, know I am a “shoes-aholic.”  I love to receive cards even though I am a card maker.  I have been creating greeting cards for over 20 years and as the years have gone by I seem to improve with age.  There are so many tips and tricks and techniques out there – all you have to do is look.  There are step by step tutorials that show you how to create your own embellishments, mediums, inks, whatever you usually buy from a store, can be made at home with a few household items and things you can purchase inexpensively to achieve the same affects.

I have learned to create my own paper flowers that I usually order from the UK where they seem to have so many variations and styles.  Now I just use one of my favorite floral punches or use one of the die cuts for the wizard die cut machine, Gemini Die Cutting Machine, Brother Scan N Cut and Todo Machines and cut out the flowers.  Then using the foam pad and stylus with the large ball on the end, I shape the flowers then glue them together and voila, just decorate with glitter or paint or glitter paint.

Life in 3D (Where Paper Comes to Life)

Wooden Watch adLife In 3D (where paper comes to life) was started back in 2006 when I looked at card making in a whole new light.  I have always made cards even way back before laser started making color printers.  I even used a product called Ibifoil (which is a color heat laser foil) that transferred metallic color onto a laser printed image.  Unfortunately, the card would be all one color but it was quite effective.  I never liked boring flat cards and I have always loved pop ups and cards with lots of bling.  Over the years I have come to find out that sometimes less is more… sometimes.

3D is not something that comes naturally to some people.  In order to help with that there are quite a few sites that offer decoupage sheets that will give you a good idea how to 3D an image using your own concepts and ideas.  It may take a few tries but after getting used to it, it will come more easily to you.

I also love pop ups so I have read every article, book, blog etc. on pop up mechanisms.  Some may seem quite hard but if you examine the way the pop up is supposed to move, you may be able to duplicate it or even simplify the mechanisms to fit your projects.   Some pop up mechanisms are very simple and simple is always the best.   Making cards should be fun when you start having to think too hard on how to put something together, it kinda takes all the fun out of it.

Have fun trying some 3D on your own.  If you make a few mistakes here or there, who’s gonna notice?  I won’t tell!  LOL!